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Narzędzia Styl życia
Desenvolvedor: Tuan Le

Rogo is the world’s most affordable robotic assistant for your family and for a good reason. It comes with a cloud-based brain, a fully articulated body, and your smartphone as its eyes and ears. The modular design allows Rogo to be powerful, flexible and always up-to-date.

In spite of rising demand for robotic assistants at home, cost is a major barrier to this emerging market. However the prevalence of smartphones offers a readily available solution. Using your smartphone as a component, Rogo delivers comprehensive capabilities at an affordable price.

Rogos applications such as RogoHome, RogoChat and RogoTele are designed to bring convenience and comfort to your daily life.

RogoCloud creates a private social network for your family to connect and share, while RogoHome brings your own vision of a smart home to life, where you can talk to control smart devices around the house.

Rogo offers plenty of opportunities for developers of AI, IoT and applications. Our open APIs let developers control Rogo and other smart devices with their own apps or create their own companion AI. Contributions from the developer community will help Rogo’s growth as a platform.

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